Hooters Explained: The Iconic Restaurant & Hooters Girls

Beautiful Hooters Girl smiling in front of Hooters restaurant

Hooters is an American restaurant brand known for its beautiful Hooters Girl waitresses and its signature chicken wings. The first Hooters opened in Clearwater, FL in 1983. Today, there are approximately 430 total “Hooters” restaurants … Read more

Hooters Girl Kat Longa: Hottest Photos

Hooters Girl Kat Longa in red bikini.

Kat Longa is one of the hottest Hooters Girls of all time. Kristina “Kat” Longa was born 1982 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The brunette beauty worked as a Hooters Girl at the Hooters of Military Highway, Norfolk, VA., … Read more

Hooters Girl Haven Gaston: Hottest Photos

Haven Gaston - featured

Haven Gaston is one of the hottest Hooters Girls of all time.  Born in Colorado on October 27, 1977, Haven became a Hooters Girl at the Sarasota Florida restaurant. She appeared on the cover of both the … Read more

Hooters Girl Carra O’Sullivan: Hottest Photos

Hooters Girl Carra O'Sullivan in gold bikini

Carra O’Sullivan is one of the hottest Hooters Girls of all time. She began her career at Hooters around 2005 and worked with the brand for more than 10 years. In addition to gracing the cover of … Read more

Hooters Girl Brittainy Taylor: Hottest Photos

Hooters Girl Hall of Famer Brittainy Taylor

Brittainy Taylor is one of the hottest Hooters Girls of all time. She began her Hooters career at Hooters of New Castle in Delaware. During her successful eight-year run with Hooters, Brittainy was honored with … Read more

Hooters Girl Anna Burns: Hottest Photos

Hooters Girl Anna Burns on couch in pink bikini

Anna Burns is one of the hottest Hooters Girls of all time. Anna, who won the 2005 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, was featured on multiple Hooters magazine covers (Jan/Feb 2006, Mar/Apr 2007), and the … Read more

Hooters Johns Pass-Madeira Beach Florida

Hooters Johns Pass - Mediera beach Florida

Hooters John’s Pass, part of the Original Hooters restaurant chain, is located at John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk in Madeira Beach, Florida. About Hooters John’s Pass This Hooters location, which opened in 2011, occupies 6,000 … Read more

Hottest Hooters Girls of All Time

Hottest Hooters Girls collage

Beautiful women have been working at Hooters since the day its first location opened in October 1983. Below, we showcase 16 gorgeous women who we believe represent the hottest Hooters Girls of all time. We … Read more